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Alan Warnes

In recent years, the French Air Force (FAF – Armée de l’Air), arguably the most operational of any air arm in Europe, has seen its resources stretched.

FAF assets are based all over the world these days in combat.

In November 2018, the French Air Force Chief of Staff, General Philippe Lavigne, announced a new strategic plan he referred to as Flight Plan, ensuring the force remains “powerful, audacious, agile and connected.”

Referring to ‘powerful’ he meant keeping a nuclear deterrent, for ‘audacious’ read innovative, for ‘agile’ adapt to newer working environments and ‘connected’ means staying closer to the community.

It is a modern outlook for an air force that is focussing much on newer technologies with French aerospace giants, like Dassault, Thales, SAGEM and MBDA.

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