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Yury Laskin

The Russian Ministry of Defence has recently signed a Certificate of Acceptance for three examples of Russia’s first indigenous, long-range, Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV), according the the ITAR-TASS agency.

The ORION is a medium-altitude UAV with a large payload capacity and 24 hour endurance at an average speed of 200 km / h, it is powered by a pusher propeller driven by an Austrian-made, 114-horsepower, Turbax turbocharged engine. The UAV’s primary uses are aerial reconnaissance, patrol, target designation and topographic survey, roles for which it is equipped with a digital camera, an X-band radar and other sensors.
“The certificate of acceptance has been signed. We are going to complete financial aspects in order to close the contract,” said Nikolai Dolzhenkov, the Kronstadt group general designer, who developed the drone.
At the Army 2018 International Forum, the Kronshtadt group presented an armament control unit for the strike version of the UAV while at MAKS 2019, it was displayed in the static demonstration area with a guided air bomb as a possible payload while there have also been reports of the ORION conducting unarmed tests in Syria.