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Jack Richardson

Finnish defence firm Bittium has started volume deliveries of its Tough SDR Handheld radios to the Finnish Defence Forces.

The deal also includes the supply of accessories.

Volume deliveries of vehicular radios are expected to begin in the second half of this year.

The purchase agreement, which was signed in December 2018, has been valued at approximately €10.5m (excl. VAT).

The radios form a key part of modernising the Finnish Defence Forces.

Objectives for this include improving battlefield situational awareness at different command levels by replacing the current analogue radios.

They will enable broadband data transfer and are compatible with existing software.

Additionally, they will be compatible with new software as it is developed for them throughout their lives.

Under the purchase agreement, Finland has the option to buy extra radios and their accessories for use by its Army, Navy and Air Force.

If exercised, this would take the contract value up to approximately €207m (excl. VAT).

Finland is currently in the process of modernising its defence forces.

One of the most high profile projects is the HX competition to procure a new fighter.

This is to replace the legacy F18C Hornet.