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Thyssenkrupp Marine Systems (TKMS) has handed over “S43”, the third of four new HDW Class 209/1400mod submarines to the Navy of the Arab Republic of Egypt.

The event took place in Kiel with only the inner circle of project managers present.

This was decision was taken in order to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

Vice Admiral Ahmed Khaled Hassan, Chief of the Egyptian Navy, sent a letter praising the quality of the boat and the outstanding performance of the TKMS employees.

He expressed his gratitude to all of them for ensuring the delivery on schedule.

Hassan added that this proves how strong and trustful sides cooperate, even in challenging times.

The submarines of the HDW Class 209/1400 mod series are extremely reliable, can stay submerged for a long time, are fast and hard to locate thanks to their low signatures.

This is the latest version of the HDW Type 209 ‘family’ with over 60 boats built or under contract.

The launch and naming of “S43” took place in May 2019.

The first submarine, “S41”, was delivered in December 2016 and the second, “S42”, in August 2017.

The programme will be completed with the handover of the fourth boat in 2021.

Key HDW Class 209/1400mod submarine data:

Length: approx. 62 m

Diameter: approx. 6.2 m

Displacement (surface): approx. 1,450 t

Displacement (submerged):approx. 1,600 t

Crew: 30