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Gerhard Heiming

Shortly before Easter, Arquus (formerly Renault Trucks Defence) began to gradually resume production at all four industrial plants where main armament programmes are underway.

First, production of the Engin Blindé Multi-Role (EBMR) Griffon was restarted at the beginning of the week.

In Marolles-en-Hurepoix, the production of mechanical parts required as part of the complete mobility kits for Griffon vehicles recommenced.

This was in close connection with the Limoges plant.

At Saint-Nazaire, production and delivery activities for the tactical and versatile VT4 vehicles for the Armée de Terre were resumed.

This will ensure the delivery of more than one hundred additional VT4 vehicles to the armed forces.

These vehicles are intended to reinforce the equipment used in the Sentinelle and Resilience operations within France.

In Garchizy, the modernisation of the Véhicules de l’Avant Blindés (VAB) for the Army will also resume.

Several precautions taken

Restarting production will be carried out in compliance with the requirements of the COVID 19 health recommendations.

To this end, the organisation of production sites has been thoroughly modified to protect all the company’s employees.

These protective measures, which were implemented in close cooperation with our partners and approved by the authorities, include the use of individual protective equipment, limiting the size of teams and other precautionary measures.

Further activities will be gradually resumed once the company’s capabilities have been exhausted.

This intensification will be carried out in close cooperation with all Arquus partners, so that a new start can be made for all of the company’s suppliers and part of the technological and industrial base of the national defence.

The Griffon EBMR is a next generation 6×6 multi-role vehicle being procured for the French Army.

This forms part of its ‘Scorpion’ modernisation initiative.

Griffon will replace the long serving VAB 4×4.

It will be built in armoured personnel carrier, ambulance, command post, artillery observation and engineer in addition to repair and recovery variants.

The VT4 is being procured by the French Army for command and liaison roles.