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Jack Richardson

General Dynamics European Land Systems (GDELS) has been awarded a contract by the BAAINBw, Germany’s procurement agency, for the delivery of 80 highly protected EAGLE 6×6 vehicles for the Joint Medical Service of the Bundeswehr.

Under this €148m (US$159m) contract, the first vehicle deliveries will start in 2021 and continue throughout 2024.

The EAGLE was selected in a competitive tender process under the medium protected ambulance vehicle programme (“Mittleres Geschütztes Sanitäts-Kraftfahrzeug”) which will close the gap between the user’s light and heavy ambulance vehicle fleet.

The vehicle is the latest and largest member of the proven EAGLE family and with its 6×6 configuration, it provides a larger user compartment and greater payload capacity.

Added to this are reduced running costs achieved through a high degree of commonality with the 4×4 version, a maintenance-friendly design and proven support solutions.

The Bundeswehr is the second customer for the new version following the Swiss Army and GDELS will manufacture the EAGLE at its sites in Switzerland and Germany.

Industrial benefits

The programme will have a significant part of its production completed in Kaiserslautern and Sembach involving dozens of German suppliers.

“This contract will further strengthen our capabilities as a leading vehicle OEM and will result in a multi-million [Euro] investment into our German vehicle maintenance hub in Sembach,” said Dr Christian Kauth, Managing Director of GDELS-Deutschland.

The German Army and German Federal Police currently operate a fleet of almost 700 Eagle vehicles and they have proven their superior performance and reliability in various national and international missions.

The EAGLE is available in both 4×4 and 6×6 versions and is one of the most modern protected wheeled vehicles in its class.

It offers an ideal platform to meet both current and future requirements and has excellent protection against mines and improvised explosive devices.

As a powerful vehicle, the EAGLE offers both a high payload and a large transport volume, while keeping very compact dimensions and together with its unique axle and drive system, the EAGLE delivers superior off-road mobility and exceptional on-road driving safety.