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The German Army’s Fennek scout vehicles are to be equipped with Saab’s Mobile Camouflage System (MCS).

This is intended for operations in woodland, snow and desert environments.

Saab has been commissioned by the BAAINBw to deliver the system before the end of this year.

Saab’s MCSs are tailored for each vehicle model to ensure a perfect fit.

MCS not only provides full multi-spectral protection, but also incorporates Saab’s CoolCam features.

These reduce the thermal charges inside the vehicles that are reached in hot climates.

Since 2008, the German Army has been using the MSC under the name Multispektraler Mobiler Tarnsatz (MMT).

It has been applied to the Marder Infantry Fighting Vehicle, PzH 2000 howitzer and Leopard 2 Main Battle Tank.

It is also fitted to the GTK Boxer Armoured Fighting Vehicle and Buffalo Armoured Recovery Vehicle.

Gerhard Heiming