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Jack Richardson

WFEL has been awarded another contract by the US Department of Defence to upgrade a further tranche of Dry Support Bridges (DSBs) already in-service with the US Army. The deal follows on from a previous US Army contract for the upgrading of 60 DSBs and this contract allows 20 more to be enhanced, increasing gap-crossing capabilities from 40 to 46 metres. The service holds around 120 DSBs in its inventory and this upgrade package – developed with US Army Tank Automotive Command Centre (TACOM) – allows its original 40-metre DSBs to achieve the new capability standard.

Since 2013, all WFEL DSBs supplied have been 46 metre variants which have already adopted by Australia, Switzerland and Turkey while it has recently been evaluated under an Assessment Phase contract as a replacement for the UK MoD’s ageing BR90 bridging systems. WFEL recently supplied a further four DSBs to the US Army under the USA’s US$4.8bn European Deterrence Initiative to improve the country’s readiness and responsiveness of NATO forces in Europe.  DSBs have been used in combat and emergency scenarios worldwide, including Afghanistan, Iraq, Europe and South Korea.