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Jack Richardson

Elbit Systems UK has completed a series of Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) trials with the UK MoD via the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory’s (DSTL) Progeny Framework, exploring how autonomous systems could support future ASW operations. Specifically, the SEAGULL, Elbit’s multi-mission, multi-sensor Unmanned Surface Vehicle (USV), was deployed in these trials, with the USA’s L3 Harris providing the sonar. Across this period, the SEAGULL utilised its ‘ASW Toolbox’ solution to show how the abilities of this system can offer a force multiplier for ASW operations.

Capable of conducting ASW, Mine Countermeasures, Electronic Warfare, Maritime Security and Hydrography missions, the SEAGULL can be deployed from ports or motherships and has previously taken part in trials involving the Belgian and Spanish Navies. Elbit Systems UK was one of a shortlist of firms selected to take part in the second phase of this series of live at sea trials which took place off UK coast with the MoD in late October 2019.