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Gerhard Heiming

As Eurosatory 2020 has been cancelled, Arquus is presenting its range of vehicles and innovations in an e-Xpo electronic exhibition, including the new ARMIS vehicle family with two to four-axle logistics and tactical trucks. Based on the company’s 100 years of experience in military mobility solutions, the vehicles are designed to meet the operational needs of the armed forces, both abroad and in domestic operations, taking account of the daily requirements of soldiers.

The military drive trains of the ARMIS, which Arquus intends to demonstrate at an event in the second half of 2020, are designed to cope with the most demanding environments and are suitable for diverse scenarios while having low maintenance requirements. The modular design allows various configurations for tasks such as troop, system, water tank or mobile workshop transport, ranging up to vehicle repairs and tow trucks, depending on operational requirements, with the option for unprotected or protected cabins in accordance with STANAG 4569.

Full solution

The ARMIS vehicles are prepared for new generation communication and information systems as well as for armaments including the HORNET remote-controlled weapon system, which was selected by the French Army for all vehicles of the SCORPION programme, while the ARMIS 4×4 and 6×6 are equipped with specific variants of the engines used by the GRIFFON and JAGUAR vehicles. Automation solutions currently being developed by ARQUUS, such as platooning and automatic convoys, are available for the trucks while to simplify logistics and reduce maintenance requirements, Arquus provides solutions in the areas of energy optimisation and maintenance.

The solutions are based on operational experience and exploit synergies between civil and military technologies and for these new trucks, with Arquus offering comprehensive logistical support in the field, just as it does for existing products. The fleet management tool is used to optimise the use of the vehicles and to adapt programmed maintenance to operational requirements with the spare parts for all Arquus military vehicles concentrated in the recently established Garchizy logistics centre. Dedicated servers are the basis for fast access to all spare parts and control of the maintenance staff teams, thus providing the basis for high availability of the equipment for the troops.