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Jack Richardson 

The NATO Communications and Information Agency has released an Invitation for Bids to provide system engineering, integration and testing support to NATO’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD) Programme until 2029. The €60m contract will have a duration of four years (with an option for a further four) and also include a preliminary transition period of up to six months to guarantee business continuity and enable a winning bidder to familiarise with the programme. The support will be used in the ongoing development and fielding of NATO’s BMD capabilities with the bid invitation having been issued on 3rd June and closing on 1st September 2020 before the agency awards the contract in the second quarter of 2021.

In 2005, the North Atlantic Council approved a capability package to provide NATO-Wide Theatre Missile Defence and in 2010, Heads of State and Government agreed to expand the programme beyond the protection of NATO deployed forces to also protect NATO European populations, territory and forces. In 2016, Allies declared the Initial Operating Capability of NATO’s BMD capability, which offers a stronger capability to defend Alliance populations, territory and forces against potential ballistic missile attacks. This capability will keep providing the necessary support to NATO as the Agency works to deliver the next expected capability declarations, while it also expects to release another Invitation for Bids under the programme this summer to an estimated value of €11m.

This contract will cover certain services for the BMD Integration Test Bed, which supports test and exercise events at both the system and architecture level. The Test Bed is responsible for ensuring that technical requirements are met and that operational interoperability with other NATO and national systems is assured with bidders free to bid for one, or both, of these contracts.