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Gerhard Heiming

Acceptance tests of Sweden’s new RBS 98 air defence system have been successfully completed. According to the FMV procurement agency, only minor software changes are necessary before the system, which has been tested on the Vidsel firing range since 5th November 2019, can be introduced to the troops. The core of the air defence missile system is formed of Diehl Defence’s IRIS-T missiles (Infra Red Imaging-Thrust Vector controlled), which are used in the IRIS-T SLM/SLS (Surface launched medium range/ Surface launched SHORAD) version.

Sweden is the first nation to use the open system design of the newly developed Ground Based Air Defence (GBAD) family, which combines and integrates system elements (sensors/radars, command and control systems, communication systems) from different manufacturers into a single powerful weapon system. RBS 98 uses the articulated BV 410 from BAE Systems/Hägglunds as carrier. Except a minor software adjustment, RBS 98 is the same system used on the Jas 39 GRIPEN fighter jet and in the near future, it will be complemented by the PATRIOT medium-range air defence system.