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Jack Richardson

COVID19 makes it impossible to participate in expositions or host customer events for a number of defence and security-focused businesses, including armoured patrol vehicle manufacturer Plasan.  However, the company is keeping busy during the COVID19 “down-time” enhancing its current line of vehicles and creating new solutions that improve a public order team’s ability to respond to, and contain, a dangerous public order situation.


Including the well-known industry standard SandCat™ – now in its fourth generation – and the larger StormRider™ model (available as a turn-key vehicle for local production) there are four new products worth noting:

  • Hyrax™ – Fitting the more than 4.5 tonnes Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis is the new Hyrax, combining Plasan’s high standards of protection and finish with the proven reliability and durability of the Mercedes-Benz G-Wagon chassis to create a quality cost-effective light patrol vehicle.
  • Mk-T™ – Based on the durable Ford F550 chassis, this new member of the Plasan armoured vehicle family was designed and built to answer the need for a cost effective product with extensive capabilities. Able to protect up to 11 people, its B6 to B7 protection levels include shielding occupants against armour-piercing 7.62 rounds.  Uncompromising on space, it is available in either a 3 or 5 door configurations for personnel transport – or configured for an ambulance or command centre, making Mk-T ideal for urban missions and homeland security.
  • IBEX™ – Another new offering is the compact 4 tonnes IBEX, developed by Plasan Re’em on an upgraded Toyota Hilux chassis. With a seating for 5 and STANAG II protection, IBEX is a police vehicle for daily patrol duties as well as operations against well-armed criminals.
  • Armoured Mercedes-Benz Sprinter – Designed by Plasan Re’em, this entirely covert armoured Sprinter fulfils many uses: transporting people, for surveillance or command operations, or other internal security missions – even as an ambulance.

All of these mission-oriented vehicles can be integrated with a host of additional systems and supplied and supported by Plasan around the world as ready-to-deploy turnkey products.  Police and homeland security services can benefit from Plasan’s renowned capabilities in armoured vehicles and products designed for local use among civilian populations.