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Lars Højgård Hansen (Photo: INVISIO)

ESD: Denmark is home to advance audiology. How has Invisio capitalised on this to create leading edge communications equipment?

Hansen: Invisio’s solutions build on a deep understanding of sound and human hearing. Many of INVISIOs R&D staff have roots in “The Danish Sound” – a world-renowned industrial cluster of excellence in acoustics, hearing and mobile communications based on collaboration between industry and academic research. This cluster has a long tradition of producing high quality, innovative loudspeakers, hearing aids, test apparatus, audio systems, and other communications equipment.

ESD: Why did/does Invisio work with customers and end-users at the earliest stages of development?

Hansen: A close collaboration with customers – and an in-depth understanding of their needs – is an integrated and critical part of our innovation model. Many of our innovations are a direct result of interacting with end-users and understanding their needs. All of Invisio’s systems are developed and tested in close co-operation with some of the world’s most demanding users.

ESD: What are the advantages?

Hansen: It’s a win-win situation. For the customers it means that their needs are met in the most effective way with new advanced technologies. For Invisio it means that we constantly push ourselves in developing the most advanced solutions, and at the same time, have engaged customers in helping us. That in turn drives our growth and sets our solutions apart from other industry players.  Customer knowledge-and proximity are crucial factors in providing advanced communication systems that help professionals in noisy and mission critical environments to work more safely and effectively while protecting their hearing.

Invisio Blue Rings

ESD: Why is there so much interest in Iinvisio’s patented products?

Hansen: The Invisio systems can be tailored to fit any critical operation or scenario and across different teams and individuals. Thanks to the patented INVISIO IntelliCable® technology the solutions are versatile, scalable and cost-effective. IntelliCable® enables all equipment to be interchangeable across current and future Invisio systems, and automatically detects devices such as radios, intercom systems, smartphones, computers and remote PTTs, setting the audio and system parameters instantaneously. Users are not locked into any specific solution or risk having to change a whole system.

ESD: Why are some Invisio products seen as being “elite” or “exclusive”?

Hansen: This should not really be answered by someone at Invisio but it probably matters that Invisio is the global market leader within advanced hearing protection and communication systems with more than 200.000 systems fielded globally. This position is based on more than 15 years of mission proven experience using cutting-edge technology, and providing industry leading solutions to the most demanding elite units in the world. Invisio is constantly pushing the limits of technologies in order to protect and enable professionals to operate and communicate clearly and safely in all environments.

Moving ahead

ESD: What is next for Invisio?

Hansen: In 2019 we had a breakthrough in law enforcement where we received three strategically important orders globally. We expect an increased interest from customers within law enforcement and public safety. We are also intensifying sales and marketing of our new, portable Intercom system as the solution has generated great interest, and some minor initial orders are expected later this year. The new intercom is the largest investment in the history of Invisio and we have high expectations for its success with our customers.

ESD: How will Invisio advance its offering in the future?

Hansen: As always, by listening and learning from our customers and the thousands of users globally that we are very proud to serve and protect. This approach will continue to be our model of operation as it has been very successful over the past 15 years.

Thank you for your time and unique insights.