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Arie Egozi

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently demonstrated the Mission Operational and Intelligence Centre (MOIC), a system that allows the use of a great number of UAV in different missions simultaneously. According to Avi Bleser, VP marketing & sales of IAI’s military aircraft group, the MOIC allows efficient command and control of advanced and complicated UAV missions.

“the MOIC’s modular layout is based on mission operational cells including upper commander cell, exploitation center, full trainer SATCOM facility, support facility, and data storage center. The all-inclusive headquarter generates an efficient mission flow which includes planning, commanding, controlling and monitoring mission performance, interpreting offline and online payload data, archiving raw and processed information and reporting to high command”.

Bleser added that this mission flow provides a full operational picture and maximises the fleet throughout by allocating assets according to operational priorities, enhancing coordination of the UAV fleet and manned platforms, improving safety, protecting ground assets, saving manpower and resources by centralising and automating operations in addition to maintenance. Blesser said MOIC saves 30 per cent of the manpower needed to operate the same number of UAVs and payloads and that inputs from other sources such as a manned mission aircraft can be combined with the data flow processed by the MOIC.

IAI says that the MOIC was designed in full accordance to NATO’s standardisation agreement (STANAG) and this applies to the UAV as a platform and the different payloads it carries.