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Jack Richardson

iXblue has been selected by Naval Group to supply navigation systems for two GOWIND corvettes intended for the international market. These future combatants will be fitted with Marins navigation systems and Netans data distribution & processing units, reinforcing cooperation between the two companies with iXblue’s navigation solutions having already been selected by Naval Group for numerous French and export programmes. Based on fiber-optic gyroscope (FOG) technology, iXblue navigation solutions already equip more than 650 surface ships and underwater platforms in 40 navies and coast guards. These include:

  • the French Navy’s future FDI
  • the new ASTUTE class nuclear attack submarines and the QUEEN ELIZABETH class aircraft carriers of the UK Royal Navy
  • the F122 (BREMEN) and F123 frigates (BRANDENBURG) classes of the German Navy
  • the new OPV 87 of the Argentine Navy