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Korhan Özkilinc

The Turkish Navy will receive the SIGINT & ELINT ship TCG UFUK (translated as HORIZON, with the identification number A-591) at the end of July 2020 after it was launched on 9th February 2019, with tests having been successfully completed, the ship is awaiting delivery. TCG UFUK will carry out early warning, communication and reconnaissance equipment as well as strategic information gathering, such as electromagnetic, hydro-acoustic and electro-optical devices, while it can operate both alone and in combination with other units. The project was agreed on 15th May 2017 with the delivery of four generators supplying 750 kVA each included, meaning the ship can produce energy with a total power of 8600KW, with Aselsan responsible as subcontractor for the production of the mission systems to be used on board. The ship is 99.5 m long, 14.4 m wide and weighs 2400 tons. It is not powered by gas turbines but by diesel engines and has a top speed of only +18 knots, although TCG UFUK is unarmed compared to the MILGEM corvettes on which it is based. It can operate for 45 days without any port of call and has a landing deck for a 10 ton class helicopter.