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Korhan Özkilinc

The ATMACA Anti Ship Missile (ASM), which translates as HAWK, was successfully test launched on 1st July 2020, after which SSB president Prof. Dr. Ismail Demir said the missile is almost ready for series production.

During the last test, the missile was able to hit its target at a distance in excess of 220 km with absolute precision. ROKETSAN started the development of ATMACA in September 2012 and the first qualifying shot was in November 2018 from the ADA class corvette TCG KINALIADA (F-514) in the Black Sea. ATMACA uses a control system manufactured by ASELSAN, which includes a Global Positioning System (GPS), an Inertial Navigation System, a barometric altimetre and radar altimetre for navigation. The missile finds its destination using a radar scanner with active accuracy and an advanced mission planning system (3D routing). The missile’s target coordinates can be changed even after launch and are highly protected against electronic interference.

The absolute effective range against inactive and moving targets is between 280 and 360 km, depending on the mission. The agreement for series production between SSB and ROKETSAN was signed on 2nd November 2018 and the system is to be deployed on Turkish warships before the end of this year. The interface between the rocket systems and Turkish warships was developed by Turkish company HAVELSAN through the Network Supported Data Integrated Combat Management System ADVENT. The strategy is to use the missile not only as an ASM but also to consider it as a coastal protection system.