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Shinichi Kiyotani

The Japanese Ground Self-Defence Force(JGSDF) has received the All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) as the Light Utility Mobility Vehicle (LUMV) intended for use in the cabin of the MV-22 OSPREY operated by the JGSDF. This is a modified version of the commercial ATV MULE PRO-FXT(EPS) from Kawasaki Heavy Industries, with the JGSDF planning to procure six under a contract worth JPY 77.43m. Evaluation is being led by the Amphibious Rapid Deployment Brigade (ARDB), stationed in the Nagasaki Prefecture.

Kawasaki’s current MULE PRO-FXT (EPS) uses a 35kw water cooled, 4 stroke petrol engine with a fuel capacity of 30 litres, a maximum speed of 72km/h, minimum turning diameter 4.8m, 4 crew, maximum payload 354kg and a towing Capacity 907kg, conforming to Japanese regulations.