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Gerhard Heiming

After the successful completion of firing tests, the President of the Turkish Defence Industry (Savunma Sanayii Başkanlığı, SSB), Professor Ismail Demir, has stated that the SUNGUR Air Defence System has proven its readiness for deployment. Under Roketsan’s leadership, SUNGUR has been developed in cooperation with local companies as a national Man-Portable Air Defence System (MANPADS) for the lower layer of air defence.

The aim is to replace the existing STINGER POST and RMP with an ITAR-free system,  characteristics of which are high manoeuvrability, high accuracy, a warhead with 3kg of explosives and a sighting system to observe the target from a great distance. The portable system can be integrated into land, air and naval platforms and be fired from a moving vehicle with day and night target detection, identification and tracking as well as a 360-degree field of fire. SUNGUR integration of the gyro-stabilised turret, which can rotate 360 degrees, onto a 4×4 VURA mounted turret was demonstrated. The electrically controlled turret has two PORSAV missile launchers, each capable of firing two fire-and-forget IIR guided missiles in rapid succession.

The system is to be integrated into the air defence early warning and command system (HERIKKS/SKYWATCHER) of the Turkish Land Forces Command to receive external target data and fire commands with the introduction of SUNGAR and PORSAV into the force expected by the end of 2020.