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Jack Richardson

Elbit Systems will supply more than 1,000 additional E-LynXTM Software Defined Radio (SDR) systems to the Swedish Army, expanding the company’s involvement in Sweden’s tactical radio upgrade programme. Elbit Systems is the supplier of the SDR network solution to the Swedish Army, for which serial deliveries commenced in 2018. The new delivery, which will be carried out through Elbit Systems’ subsidiary in Germany, will include the E-LynX handheld and vehicular configurations.

The E-LynX radio systems facilitate advanced networking solutions in both open field and in urban areas while they are designed with an open architecture approach, featuring unique waveforms enabling the adoption of a range of additional European and NATO ones.  Elbit Systems is the provider of current and future land SDR systems of the Israeli Defense Forces and has been selected to supply E-Lynx systems to other armed forces.