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Arie Egozi

Israel Shipyards has announced an agreement with an African navy to supply two OPV 45 Offshore Patrol Vessels, designed for a wide range of missions. The OPV 45s will be equipped with day/night observation systems as well stabilised weapon systems, both Israeli-made, which will maximise the effectiveness of the vessels during their various missions. The agreement includes ongoing support and training of the technical and operational teams as well as the creation of a maintenance program within the framework of the company’s Integration Logistic Support (ILS) services.

The OPV 45 enables open sea patrol and surveillance, supporting a wide variety of offshore missions including:

  • the protection of facilities and EEZs
  • anti-terror operations
  • counter-smuggling missions
  • illegal activity interdiction intervention force boarding/landing
  • close-range naval combat operations
  • enhanced search and rescue missions
  • fishing protection and control
  • anti-pollution activities

The OPV-45 has an overall length of 45.7 metres, a 8.6 metre beam and a 2.4 metre draft at full load. With a command bridge enabling 360° observation and a modular, large stern, deck area which enables diversified and flexible operational options. The OPV-45 also has a sustained speed of over 24 knots and an endurance of 3,000 nm at 12 knots with accommodations for 16-21 crew and the ability to carry 24 additional personnel for missions involving Special Forces.