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Jack Richardson

COHEMO, a Madrid-based company, is to maintain the Spanish Army’s LEOPARD 2E (Leopard 2 A6E) tanks until 2021, with the agreement including the revision and repair of the stabilisation system in addition to the electronic equipment among others. This contract was assigned by the Army’s Logistic Support Command (MALE), which received several offers including companies such as Indra and COHEMO. After an in-depth evaluation of the tenders and following different assessment criteria, the company won the contract.

The valuation of this contract amounts to €6m, which includes three annual payments of €1m and a possible extension for another three years, ensuring the operability of all the army’s systems. In addition to the aforementioned contract, COHEMO has a wide range of agreements in force with the Spanish Army, including the supply of spare parts for the CENTAUR and thermal cameras for various armoured vehicles.