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Jack Richardson

Naviris, a 50/50 owned joint venture between Fincantierir and Naval Group, has signed a contract with OCCAR for a feasibility study on the mid-life upgrade of the four HORIZON class frigates. Since launching in January 2020, the contract is the second one Naviris has signed, following a R&T contract signed in June.

The Feasibility Study, to be developed over the next twelve months, will be the first stage of the project and it will be focused mainly on the Anti Air Warfare capability of the four vessels. The project will be carried out by Naviris with the support of Fincantieri and Naval Group and the major Combat System suppliers (EUROSAM, THALES, LEONARDO, MBDA and SIGEN). It aims to identify and analyse the modifications to be implemented on the French and Italian HORIZON class frigates to increase their capabilities until the end of their life cycle. The aim of this project is to offer to the two countries configurations able to guarantee an appropriate response to the threat scenarios set out by the clients.

European Industry

The study will involve highly qualified engineers and technicians from Naviris, Naval Group and Fincantieri, in close collaboration with working teams set up by the Combat System Suppliers – all based in Italy and France. The ships were built between 2000 and 2010 in a joint programme between Fincantieri and Naval Group, providing the Italian and French Navies with two first-class anti-air frigates each. Indeed, the peculiarity of this highly complex study is that it will involve foremost experts from various companies aiming to be completed in one year only. Naviris, in its role of leader, will be able to guarantee a synergic and focused coordination of the different companies skills’, with the objective to reach the final result on time and through a very efficient teamwork.