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Jack Richardson
The management of Shephard Media has successfully completed a Management Buyout (MBO) of Shephard Press Ltd. from its owner, Nick Prest, on 29 July 2020. The change in ownership lays the foundations and opportunities for further investment and growth, in terms of digital marketing and business information services to the defence community. Through its Defence Insight, News and Studio divisions, the London based company has made significant developments in the digital defence publishing and business information spheres. From 1981 the company established a range of events and print magazines.  In 2008 the company was acquired by Nick Prest and continued to launch or acquire industry-leading market handbooks and new defence magazines.  The company moved away from events and print media, and is now a digital media leader in the sector.  The new ownership will allow the business, founded by Alexander Shephard in 1981, to continue the trajectory established under Mr Prest, with its new management team, led by Darren Lake.