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Mittler Report Verlag GmbH (MRV) has launched a German-language only information portal which focusses on the mounted or dismounted individual soldier, his or her weaponry, equipment, training and operational options.

The portal considers news and developments from the armed forces and the defence industry with a dedicated tri-service focus on infantry fighting units across all branches of the military, plus units of the Bundeswehr and its partner nations. This includes Special Forces units, airborne and parachute troops in addition to soldiers from the Marines, Navies and Air Forces operating in an infantry role. This will also cover paramilitary and Special Police communities for whom a degree of military capability may be necessary. Naturally, also addresses readers from the armed and security forces who are interested in “green” topics.

This new service is your link between German-speaking customers (primarily in Austria, Switzerland and Germany) and all potential suppliers, foreign and domestic. It also provides expert information, analysis and news regarding plans, requirements, acquisitions, applications and modifications in, among others, the following domains:

  • Infantry of all branches of the armed forces including amphibious and grenadier forces
  • Special forces
  • Mounted / Dismounted reconnaissance
  • Patrol and Liaison resources
  • Arms and Armaments, including; squad and indirect fire and less-lethal options
  • Clothing and personal equipment, including rations, water, medical, camouflage and electrical / battery power requirements and options
  • Optics / Optronics
  • Command, control & communication equipment
  • Simulation and Training

The editorial staff of can be contacted at with all the latest news available at and on:

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The new platform joins its digital sisters, and alongside the MRV range of market-dominating defence and security print publications from