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Jack Richardson

Thailand’s Defense Technology Institute (DTI) is seeking partnerships for research and development, in addition to those fore manufacturing defence and security equipment. The DTI is a research and development agency operating as a public organisation under the oversight of the Thai Ministry of Defense and it plans to partner with the private sector on Research & Development and to set up manufacturing plants for armoured vehicles, Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, tanks, ammunition, Offshore Patrol Vessels, Armoured Personnel Carriers and defence industrial parts in the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC) area. ACM. Dr. Preecha Pradubmuk, Director of the DTI, revealed that ‘the National Defense Technology Act allowed us to open a joint venture and sell commercially’.

Recently, DTI has delivered a DTI BLACK WIDOW SPIDER 8×8 (BWS 8×8) Wheel Armoured Combat Vehicle fitted with an ADDER Remote Weapon Station from Singapore’s ST Engineering to the Royal Thai Army for one year of testing at Thanarach Camp, Infantry Centre. The vehicle is developed and designed the by DTI.

Defence & Security 2021 will be held in Bangkok from 1st to 4th December this year to showcase the development of the Thai defence industry.