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Arie Egozi

Israeli Aerospace Industries (IAI) has recently upgraded the capabilities of its towed decoy solutions, the demand for which has pushed IAI towards the development of a new Electronic Warfare system which provides an added layer of self-defence for aircraft. The system, which was developed by IAI’s electronics subsidiary ELTA Group, is towed by the aircraft, protecting it by distracting radar guided missiles. According to ELTA, it is different from other solutions in being completely autonomous, which means it needs no power or signals from the leading aircraft and is towed behind with a simple cord, a solution less expensive than other systems looking to achieve the same result.

During flights in areas threatened by enemy missiles, the bait is deployed at a safe distance from the leading aircraft and emits signals to attract the missiles away from the aircraft. The system is capable of handling several threats simultaneously and can be used by all aircraft types. It is extremely lightweight and can be rolled back into the aircraft or abandoned if necessary.