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Yury Laskin

The Army-2020 Forum, which opened yesterday at the Patriot exhibition grounds, features a variety of new solutions including the HERMES missile system. Developed by the Tula-based Shipunov KBP Instrument Design Bureau (part of the High Precision Systems Holding), the system has an over-the-horizon range of up to 100km alongside an autonomous fire-and-forget guidance.

“The system features the salvo launch mode at several (up to six) scattered targets and automated synchronisation of laser guidance for striking targets with a high-precision projectile with deviation not exceeding 0.5 meters,” the company spokesman said.

The  system includes a number of vehicles ranging from a command one, which employs  computers, panels and controls plus communication and data transmitting equipment alongside several combat vehicles equipped with mobile launchers. Additionally, a transport-loading vehicle has an on-board stock of missiles, a crane and a reloading mechanism in addition to a reconnaissance device with a UAV to provide target detection and laser illumination round-the-clock in all weather conditions.

The missile itself is reported to have a maximum flight velocity of 1300 m/s and is equipped with a HEF type warhead weighing 28 kg. The missile caliber is 210 mm in the booster stage and 130 mm at the warhead area. It is transported in a sealed container of 3500 mm length. The container weight is 130 kg with six being deployed per vehicle.
The manufacturer also announced that the HERMES missiles can be fired from land-based, naval and aerial platforms, including strike UAVs. KPB, which is a national and world leader in a number of smart weaponry development including the Pantsir SHORADS and Kornet ATGW, used Army-2020 to show HERMES on a light trailer to demonstrate an extra variant of application.