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Arie Egozi

Engineering teams from the Directorate of Defence Research and Development (DDR&D) and Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) are continuing their work in preparing the OFEK 16 satellite for operational use by showing images taken over Syria. Obtained in recent days, these display the ‘Tadmor’ world heritage site, ancient ruins and the renowned Roman theatre.

Defence Minister, Benny Gantz said: “The State of Israel knows how to defend against its enemies both near and far, as well as to protect its citizens everywhere, from any given location. The technological means we develop in the Ministry of Defence together with our industries, are effective and significant tools in maintaining Israel’s security. We will continue to work and promote Israel’s technological advance and edge, an element that is essential in contending with the many challenges we face.”

OFEK 16, which was successfully launched into space last month, is an electro-optical reconnaissance satellite with advanced capabilities. It is equipped with a high-quality camera developed and manufactured by Elbit Systems which has the best performance and weight characteristics available on the market. In the near future, and upon the completion of the ‘in orbit testing’ process led by the DDR&D, IAI, and the IDF’s Intelligence Directorate, the Ministry of Defense will transfer the satellite to IDF Unit 9900 for operational use.