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Gerhard Heiming

In preparation for operating the A400M transport aircraft, the Belgian Ministry of Defence is having a €134m hangar built at the Melsbrook airbase to allow the simultaneous maintenance of three A400Ms. With a floor space of 185m x 75m and a height of 30m, it will be the largest military hangar in Belgium.

The aircraft will enter the hangar through two 18.5m high gates, each 68m wide while a logistics zone takes up 3,500 m² of space with 3,000 m² provided for workshops and stocks. Offices with a total area of 1,200 m² will be arranged on two floors. Belgian company Democo is responsible for the financing, design, construction, manufacture and maintenance of the hangar under a public-private partnership. On 24th August 2020, the Belgian Defence Minister Philippe Goffin symbolically laid the foundation stone for the new hangar with the first aircraft serviced from summer 2021. Belgium and Luxembourg intend to jointly operate a fleet of eight A400Ms from the base with the first – and only – example for Luxembourg having already arrived with the first two aircraft for Belgium are expected later this year.