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Gerhard Heiming 

The EU has created the conditions for the procurement and installation of an approved mobile system for encrypted communications for members of the European Commission, the Council of the European Union and the European External Action Service. Under the new framework agreement, Swedish company Sectra AB will supply the Sectra Tiger system, approved for communication up to EU-SECRET level, which will help EU organisations to communicate securely and efficiently with each other and with EU Member States without compromising the confidentiality of their information.

The contract allows for the modernisation of the infrastructure, the maintenance of existing systems and the procurement of additional systems. This will allow the Sectra Tiger ecosystem, in which more than half of the EU Member States participate, to be further developed. Users of different security levels up to, and including, SECRET, can communicate with each other across security domains. This ecosystem approach creates a secure communication environment without crypto-islands and allows user organisations to balance individual security requirements with the right solution at the right level, supporting current and future encryption requirements.