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Eavesdropping on smartphones and the hacking of messages and files is easier and more widespread than most companies think. Smartphone security is still an overlooked area in many businesses. Often, companies only recognise the need to secure their phones after a data breach has been discovered, that is, if the breach is discovered at all.

“There is a huge dark figure. Companies do not necessarily know if and when their communication was intercepted,” says Hans Hasselby-Andersen, CEO of Dencrypt. “The intercepted data may be used discreetly, so you may never find out or only suspect it long after. It could be that your invention suddenly appears in a product from a competitor, or that a business deal goes awry, and you never find out why.”

Dencrypt develops and markets encrypted communication solutions that enable companies and public organisations to communicate business-critical and sensitive information in a safe and secure way.

The threat is high

According to various assessments, the threat of cyber espionage against authorities and companies is very high and growing. This applies to many organisations, including those operating in critical sectors such as transportation, energy, telecommunications, finance, and health care.

According to Hans Hasselby-Andersen, many companies in the private business sector are vulnerable.

“Companies that are either research-intensive or have production in parts of the world where one is more exposed to surveillance should think about how they communicate digitally. With sufficient resources and technical insight, it is not particularly difficult to hack and eavesdrop on phone conversations in the mobile networks around the world. ”

Dynamic Encryption

Dencrypt’s communication solutions are based on a special encryption principle, Dynamic Encryption. It works by adding an encryption layer on top of an existing fixed encryption algorithm to provide extra protection. Cryptanalysis – code breaking – normally requires large amounts of data encrypted by the same method. As Dynamic Encryption is constantly mutating, cryptanalysis is rendered nigh-on impossible.

Dencrypt Communication Solution

Dencrypt enables smartphone users to communicate securely. The apps for voice communication and messaging use end-to-end encryption to protect data. This allows commonly available, but unsecure, data channels, such as Wi-Fi or mobile data networks, to be used for sensitive communication. Dynamic Encryption is applied to provide the highest protection level.

Encryption is the Future

Dencrypt’s solution is Common Criteria certified, the international standard for IT security. On this basis, the Danish Defence Intelligence Service, as well as NATO, have given the solution accreditation to be used for classified communication.

Dencrypt has research activities that go further into the future and are currently leading a research project on so-called quantum-safe encryption. The project is carried out in collaboration with the Technical University of Denmark and the Danish Armed Forces.

“When quantum computers become powerful enough to solve the mathematical challenges that encryption is based on today, it will affect our IT security. The research project is aimed at finding robust cryptographic algorithms that can be implemented in the communication solutions of the future.”