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The Lithuanian Armed Forces will be equipped with SFP9 SF Paddle Pistols by the end of 2021 following a contract concluded with Heckler & Koch that amounts to €1.57m and includes the training of personnel on the new weapon. In addition, an option for the delivery of further pistols was agreed. With the introduction of the SFP9 SF Paddle, which includes the NATO standard calibre 9x19mm, the Lithuanian Ministry of Defence wants to introduce a modern weapon in accordance with the current military requirements and enforce a uniform calibre.

So far, Austrian GLOCK 17, American COLT 1911 and Czech ČZ75 pistols with different calibres have been used. The existing pistols are to be stored in reserve and will be used only in case of bottlenecks. The Striker Fired Pistol (SFP) is used as a police weapon in Germany, Luxembourg and Switzerland while it is also widely used in the civilian market in the USA.

Gerhard Heiming