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Cyclone, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Elbit Systems, has been awarded a contract by Lockheed Martin to supply assemblies for the F-35’s Forward Equipment Bay – made from composite materials and the associated structures – across all F-35 aircraft variants.

Elbit Systems will deliver more than 1,400 components to Lockheed Martin during the four year contract period. The decision comes as a result of Elbit’s successful performance on the production of other composite structures for the F-35 programme. This award further expands Elbit’s work on the F-35, which includes the helmet mounted display systems, the development of the panoramic cockpit display, power amplifiers and 22 different structural assemblies.

Experience in Israel

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) is manufacturing wings of the F-35 and so far has delivered over 170 wing sets. The wings manufacturing centre of IAI’s aviation division was established in November 2014 and is based on the extensive know-how and experience in making wings for the F-16 and T-38, with the centre now expected to manufacture more than 800 F35 wings by 2034. On December 2018, IAI inaugurated an innovative line for production of F-35 wing skins, expanding the collaboration between the two companies. Israel has signed a contract for 50 F-35s and is now considering the purchase of another 25. Ten Israeli companies are supplying assembles and electrical parts for the F-35 programme, with IAI as the major supplier.

Arie Egozi