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JFD has announced that it has been awarded an extension to its contract for the provision of the NATO Submarine Rescue System (NSRS) by the UK Ministry of Defence. The company has been at the heart of the NSRS since it came into service in 2008 as both an operator and equipment manufacturer. JFD was then awarded an initial five-year contract by the UK MoD for the provision of NSRS in July 2015. The latest contract extension will continue its In-service Contract for the NSRS, which includes extensive training across all JFD submarine rescue systems worldwide for the UK MoD in addition to partner nations France and Norway.

The contract continues to include expert engineering and technical support to ensure high-level operation and maintenance of the system to provide 24/7 availability of the service, 365 days a year. The Agreement also involves shared training opportunities to ensure suitably qualified and experience personnel are on hand to perform rescue operations at short notice, to protect the entire global submarine community.

JFD continues to ensure the highest levels of training and the ability to mobiles in extreme conditions, demonstrating the upmost commitment to the NSRS as well as the recognition of responsibility for assuring the operations team is fully trained in all aspects of a safe rescue.

Jack Richardson