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Israeli company UVision has recently joined forces with Estonia’s Milrem Robotics to offer a joint solution to provide frontline forces with an independent ability to locate, track and accurately eliminate heavily armoured targets at long distances in battlefield conditions where GPS support is unavailable.

It provides small light forces with advanced ISR capabilities, combined with highly accurate long-range heavy firepower that until now, were achieved only with complex cooperation between several units and echelons.

The newly developed Type-X Robotic Combat Vehicle (RCV) from Milrem Robotics will now be offered with a Multi Canister Launcher for UVision’s Lethal Loitering Munition Systems (LMS). The Launcher can be equipped with two of UVision’s already operational HERO-120 Loitering Munition Systems which has an anti-tank warhead and up to one hour of flight time, or the HERO-400EC, capable of destroying fortified targets, and able to fly for up to two hours. The Type-X will also be equipped with a 40 km range communication antenna, located on a telescopic rising mast, improving the operator’s control of the system.

The Type-X will have the tactical characteristics of a modern Infantry Fighting Vehicle as it can be equipped with a main armament of up to 50 mm automatic cannon. It is a rapidly deployable and dependable unit, able to autonomously navigate the battlefield and perform tasks, keeping the operator in the loop with real-time Situational Awareness. The concept is based on open architecture that enables it to be integrated with various payloads. The vehicle is designed for operations encompassing the entire spectrum of conflict from permissive to denied environments, fighting effectively in both conventional and non-conventional conflicts.

Arie Egozi