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Rafael has adapted its TYPHOON Naval Remote Weapon Station (NRWS) to deal with the evolving threat of Armed drones. As a result, the company is now offering its TYPHOON 30-c NRWS C-UAS as a solution for airborne, marine and shore-based threats. This incorporates a diverse mix of synchronised smart multi-spectral sensors, weapons and intelligent effectors including Automatic Target Recognition, Classification and Tracking (ATR) capabilities.

According to Rafael, the NRWS C-UAS is a new class of anti-drone solutions whose capabilities single it out from other NRWS with the main differences that have the following advantages:

  • Automatic Target Acquisition (ATA), detection, recognition, classification and tracking of a small, elusive UAV.
  • Performs real-time, Computer Vision-based target detection, identification, and tracking that significantly boosts accuracy.
  • The active target detection component actively searches the FOV for known target profiles and highlights them for instant evaluation by the shooter.
  • The NRWS C-UAS also features a Laser Range Finder (LRF) to allow stable and accurate range to high manoeuvring UAVs that enables neutralisation and interception at ranges of 2-3 km. It is designed to detect and prevent drone invasion into protected airspace, with minimal collateral damage.

Arie Egozi