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Spain’s new BONIFAZ class multi-mission frigates are to be equipped with external communications systems for line of sight and beyond line of sight communications following a contract with Rohde & Schwarz. These systems will consist of R&S M3SR software defined radios (R&S Series4100 HF and R&S Series4400 VHF/UHF) including engineering services and Integrated Logistics Support (ILS).

“Rohde & Schwarz and Navantia have a long history of collaboration and providing the Spanish Navy with the best communications systems,” states Hansjörg Herrbold, Vice President Market Segment Navy Rohde & Schwarz. “We are very proud to have our equipment deployed in this major Spanish naval asset and we are looking forward to strengthening our relationship. We make sure that we deliver a safe, future-ready investment for today’s navies on time and on budget.”

The Spanish Ministry of Defence has ordered five new BONIFAZ class (F-110) frigates to replace the Spanish Navy’s SANTA MARIA class frigates. These new vessels will be specialise in anti-submarine warfare in addition to being used for force and fleet protection, maritime security, joint and combined missions alongside preventing conventional and asymmetric threats.

Jack Richardson