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Rafael has unveiled the adaptation of its family of SPIKE missiles for deployment on navy ships. Naval Spike ER is another member of Rafael’s SPIKE family which comprises a lightweight, compact and stabilised turret with four missiles on the mount, together with a fire control system for effective ranges of up to 8 km. The system enables very fast sensor-to-shooter loop closure in day/night defensive and offensive scenarios, thereby ensuring mission success with surgical precision.

Even after launching a SPIKE missile, the gunner can toggle between targets and actively direct the missile to an optimised hit point. While in flight, the missile provides valuable intelligence and Battle Damage Assessment (BDA), for the follow-on attack of additional targets. The system’s high-precision engagement capability ensures minimum collateral damage and in case of friendly force presence, the operator can abort the mission with the missile in-flight

The system can be integrated with the ship’s existing assets to address targets that have been acquired by other sensors. Furthermore, the missile mount is compatible with a variety of platforms, ranging from Rigid Hull Inflated Boats (RHIBs) to medium-size and larger vessels. Rafael says that the Naval SPIKE ER missile can be provided with either High Explosive Anti-Tank (HEAT) or Penetration Blast Fragmentation (PBF) warheads.


The Israeli company has also adapted its longer range version, the SPIKE Non-Line-Of-Sight (NLOS) for deployment on navy ships. Effective in both offensive and defensive naval scenarios at ranges of up to 25km, this compact system enables stand-off sea-to-shore fire support or sea-to-sea targeting, on a wide range of naval platforms.

Providing maximum operational flexibility, the Naval SPIKE NLOS allows real-time tactical intelligence gathering, in-flight target switching, and mission abort, according to the scenario.

Effective in low-intensity asymmetric engagements, high-intensity anti-armour conflicts, and stand-off combat, the system can be supplied with a variety of warheads including  HEAT and PBF with warhead detonation control, and fragmentation. The system is equipped with a passive dual-mode E-O seeker, an Imaging Infra-Red (IIR) camera, advanced image processing tracker, and Charge Coupled Device (CCD) which enable its day/night capabilities.

The launcher’s traversing capabilities create a flexible launch envelope, thereby enabling the ship to easily engage multi-directional targets. The Naval SPIKE NLOS can also be integrated with the ship’s Command and Control systems.

Arie Egozi