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The 24th edition of the Interpolitex exhibition was held on schedule from 20 to 23 October at the VDNKh Exhibition complex in Moscow. The show, which concentrated on non-lethal weapons and security systems for police and other law-enforcement agencies, featured participants including the national industrial giant Rostec and state defence mediator Rosoboronexport.
Debuts at the show included the CERBERUS stun gun, the SKALA (meaning ‘Rock’) stun shield, the ELBRUS-T anti-fragment blanket and a bulletproof helmet, while various types of the thermal imaging sights were also displayed. Another exhibit was the modular DVL-10 M3 VOLKODAV (translation ‘Wolfhound’) gun in a shortened and lightweight version, weighing 4.5 kg and having a barrel length of 500 mm with an effective firing range of 1 km. The rifle is portable, lightweight and suitable for the needs of the police. A company expert clarified that the rifle shows good accuracy of fire and can be equipped with a silencer, which may be of interest to special units.

Interpolitex Debuts

Another interesting novelty was the ATAKA-SHOROKH (translated as ‘Attack-Rustle’), an acoustic reconnaissance module for detecting drones flying in radio silence mode. It is equipped with ultra-sensitive microphones to determine the approaching drone, with a detection range from 150 to 500m, depending on the level of acoustic noise in the environment. The required number of modules and their locations are determined depending on the characteristics of the protected object. The ATAKA-SHOROKH employs an intelligent system for analysing the external situation, which will allow the detection of emergencies, offences and mass gatherings of people by characteristic noises. In addition, the equipment can be integrated into Rostec’s Safe City system and the existing security systems of guarded objects. The launch of serial production is scheduled for 2021.
Due to the Moscow City restrictions, the mask-and-gloves regime was employed and part of the presentations were shifted online while visitor numbers were limited to pre-registered professionals and media only. The organisers announced that the 25th edition of the show  will be held in October 2021.
Yury Laskin