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Mittler Report Verlag – part of the TammMedia Group – has successfully launched its first global security & defence publication: Maritime Security & Defence, which is now available at this link.


Maritime Security & Defence (MSD) is dedicated to providing accurate, unbiased information to serve the professional naval defence and maritime security community worldwide, so decision-makers and responsible actors can make informed decisions for the best possible outcomes. Editorial content and quality will be guided by two editors-in-chief, each with an impeccable professional reputation and unmatched experience and knowledge of things related to the maritime and naval realms.


Celebrated naval author and analyst, Conrad Waters, and renowned naval journalist and retired German Navy Captain Hans-Uwe Mergener, will serve as co-Editors in-Chief.

“Maritime Security & Defence addresses matters of the sea and waterways by considering how each aspect of this arena – economics, developments, politics, technology, etc. – impact or drive the maritime security and defence situation…beyond just grey ships and bits of battlespace tech.  Anyone can cover those,” explained Conrad Waters

“Across the ‘MSD Spectrum’, one commonality persists: the seas connect continents and serve as a platform for trade, prosperity and understanding among nations – that is, when it all goes well… When it does not, then our team at MSD magazine will define why and what is happening and how actors might respond from the perspective of security and defence,” clarified Captain Mergener.


The pilot issue of MSD is available to the circa 20.000 registered would-be delegates, exhibitors, VIPs and visitors of Euronaval and Exponaval, and more than 40.000 subscribers to TammMedia Group’s relevant naval, maritime, and defence publications.

When conservatively estimating a reasonable average pass along rate of 2 people per copy of the publication, MSD magazine will have significant exposure among naval defence and maritime security decision-makers and responsible actors across the entire seascape.


During the first year of regular publication, three further editions (February, April, June) are planned to be distributed as supplements, before the first edition is planned as a stand-alone magazine in September for the international defence exhibition DSEI in London. MSD is available as a cost-free PDF download from the ESD website. From next year, the magazine will also have its own website.

A publication frequency of six issues per year is planned for 2022. Future digital and print editions will be available as bonus distribution during most relevant expositions and conferences in 2021 – including those conducted virtually.


Please contact MSD’s designated Publisher Stephen Elliott on +49 228 350 0872 or by email,