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Nowadays, Offshore Patrol Vessels (OPVs) are less multipurpose than they could be, as it usually takes months and funds for adapting them to different mission profiles. SH Defence’s The CUBE, a patent pending multipurpose module for vessels, which was launched earlier this month, provides a solution to this issue. The CUBE can be shipped worldwide on adapted ISO containers (20 feet up to 40 feet, ongoing researches for 10 feet) and brings full flexibility to warships (it is a plug and play solution that can be exchanged in any port within 4 hours, according to needs). The loading system is also based on containers, thus confirming the limited logistic footprint of the whole system.

The CUBE is available in 128 configurations, from water purifiers to complex sensor systems and it presents several advantages. It can be mounted on mission bays, a crucial feature in terms of weight and space-saving for emergency missions while it can be an excellent sea-based or land-based asset for international missions and in the event of a of health crisis. For instance, The CUBE could be used to establish a mobile Covid-19 test centre in remote areas and be shared by Armed and security forces of a same country, or within an international organisation such as NATO.

The company’s Director, René Berthelsen, explained that The CUBE is a win-win concept: cost efficient for taxpayers (usually more interested in multipurpose vessels than in warships) while being quick and flexible for Navies. Indeed, The CUBE could increase OPVs’ utilisation rate to 40-50 per cent. Since its launch three weeks ago, 16 potential customers have started discussions with the company.

Giulia Tilenni