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During Euronaval 2020, Thales presented the BLUESCAN acoustic data management suite dedicated to Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW), designed to be installed onboard naval vessels. This technology allows for the merging of multiple sonar signals into a recognised acoustic picture of the area of operations. It provides operators with an acoustic situational awareness that facilitates quick and informed decisions. Crucially, the management of unmanned air, surface and underwater vehicle fleets, in addition to huge amounts of data, could be eased thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). Therefore, BLUESCAN integrates some AI elements to be further developed in the near future, although connectivity amongst the different systems was identified as BLUESCAN’s main technical challenge. To facilitate data’s management and transmission, Thales will empower each sensor to perform preliminary analysis of sonar signals and select only the useful information. BLUESCAN will then aggregate and disseminate back the synthetic information received.

The programme, currently in its V1, is conceived as evolutionary. In the V2 version, the current sonar suite will allow for integrating multiple sources from different operating environments. The final V3 version is expected to provide a global approach to acoustic surveillance that might include a land-based command centre, a dedicated server, and a cloud.

Giulia Tilenni