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Elbit Systems has moved to strengthen its business operations in Germany, rebranding its wholly-owned German subsidiary TELEFUNKEN RACOMS as Elbit Systems Deutschland GmbH & Co. KG . The company will be managed by Thomas Nuetzel, who has served as the CEO of TELEFUNKEN RACOMS for the past 10 years.

With a long tradition of providing high-quality solutions to the German Armed Forces, TELEFUNKEN RACOMS has focused in recent years on diversifying, leveraging its research and development capabilities as well as its engineering and manufacturing excellence. Steadily growing, TELEFUNKEN RACOMS has been adding to its Ulm-based operations a range of technologies from across the Elbit Systems portfolio, including:

  • Electro-Optics
  • Electronic Warfare
  • Direct Infra-Red Countermeasures
  • Software Defined Radio
  • Cyber
  • Unmanned Systems
  • Command & Control.

Elbit Systems views Germany as a key market and an international technological and industrial hub with sophisticated military and homeland security forces. The Company is continuously exploring additional cooperation with local industries and plans to focus its efforts on leveraging its operationally proven systems and globally acclaimed technological expertise in order to offer a broad portfolio of solutions as well as expand transfer of knowledge and enhance local production. This comes as the company has been consistently expanding its operations in key European markets, as part of the its long-term strategy. Recent examples include:

  • the UK Military Flight Training System
  • supplying a European country with an array of electronic warfare and signal intelligence systems
  • the Benelux Smart Vest programme
  • providing self-protection systems for NATO’s A330 fleet
  • the Swiss Unmanned Aircraft Systems programme

E-LynX Soldier

Last year, following a competitive solicitation and technical testing, Elbit Systems’ subsidiary in Germany was selected by the German Federal Ministry of Defence to provide the German Army with the E-LynX soldier radios (PNR 1000) in handheld and vehicular configurations. These will be used at the platoon and company levels and will be installed onboard various combat vehicles including the SPz PUMA.  In-depth Transfer of Technology (TOT) will facilitate local development and manufacturing of the systems as well as the development of further extensions and capabilities, with the work to be done in the company’s production and Research & Development (R&D) facilities in Ulm, Germany.

The E-LynX soldier radios facilitate advanced networked combat solutions in both open field and in urban areas. This radio system provides forces with the capability to use several voice groups in a single channel and fast data services. It also enables effective closing of the sensor to shooter loop and accurate monitoring of forces location based on radio integrated Blue Force Tracking (BFT) capability. The radios that will be supplied feature advanced networking waveform with unique concurrent flooding techniques that extend range over a multi-hop network, improve network agility and robustness while dramatically reducing network latency.

Arie Egozi