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Elbit Systems has launched E-LynX-Sat, a compact Satellite Communications (SATCOM) add-on system which utilises a lightweight (less than 1kg) terminal that interfaces with the company’s E-LynX Software Defined Radio (SDR) solution. E-LynX-Sat enables Infantry and manoeuvring forces to maintain robust and secured, on-the-walk and on-the-move, voice and data communication services, over ranges of hundreds of kilometres. The operational benefits of the newly launched E-LynX-Sat system were successfully demonstrated during the British Army’s recent Warfighting Experiment 2020.

E-LynX-Sat integrates miniature phased-array antennas, unique satellite communication modem, beam steering and error correction software as well as data compression protocols. Using standard Ka and Ku-band Geostationary satellites, it features automatic electronic satellite tracking and direct sequence spread spectrum, enabling continuous over the horizon operations on-the-walk and on-the-move. E-LynX-Sat comprises of compact portable terminals and a Hub base station that is installed in satellite ground stations.

Arie Egozi