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The South African Army has received 20,000 rounds of 40mm Medium Velocity (MV) ammunition from Rheinmetall Denel Munition for its new MILKOR Y4 grenade launchers. The new system was demonstrated to representatives of the South African procurement agency Armscor, the South African Army and the industry involved.

The Weapon and Ammunition-Project KAMOGELO is the first successful programme under South Africa’s the Expedited Armament Acquisition Process (EAAP). The South African Army has received the more than 20,000 rounds of Medium Velocity Ammunition in six variants:

  • high explosive
  • high explosive dual-purpose ammunition
  • practice ammunition
  • practice tracer ammunition
  • red phosphorous smoke rounds
  • orange target marker ammunition.

The MV ammunition supplied by Rheinmetall Denel Munition has a maximum range of 800m, with a high precision range of up to 375m. In the infantry toolbox, the versatile 40mm ammunition pallet closes the gap between hand grenade and mortar, serving as a combat multiplier for infantry and other dismounted troops.

Expanding Portfolio

The MV product range is currently being expanded with further developments by Rheinmetall in Germany. These include a new generation of 40mm MV cartridges with a range of 800m. This doubles the range of the grenade launcher and, thanks to its flatter trajectory, enables the soldier to fire more accurate shots. Rheinmetall’s MV ammunition is currently undergoing NATO qualification with both combat and practice rounds soon to be available. It can be fired from the Milkor US M32A1 and AV140 multiple grenade launchers. Rheinmetall’s magazine-loaded 40mm Magazine-Fed Grenade Launcher (MGFL) is also currently under development.

The group’s 40mm x 53 calibre High Velocity (HV) ammunition reaches a velocity of 240 m/s and an effective range of up to 2,200m. Here, Rheinmetall also supplies a wide assortment of different cartridges, including newly developed HE and HEDP airburst ammunition programmed by an infrared programming unit. The airburst function also makes this type of ammunition suitable for engaging small UAVs.

Gerhard Heiming