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The Hungarian Government and Embraer today signed a contract for the acquisition of two C-390 MILLENNIUM new generation multi-mission transport aircraft in air-to-air refuelling (AAR) configuration, earning the designation KC-390. Pilot and technician training, as well as other services and support, are included in the contract as part of the process to strengthen the Hungarian Defence Forces, specifically in the ares of tactical airlift, AAR and Medical Evacuation (MEDEVAC) roles.
The KC-390, for which deliveries to the Hungarian Defence Forces are scheduled to start in 2023, will be the first in the world with the Intensive Care Unit in its configuration, an essential feature to perform humanitarian missions. The aircraft fully meets the requirements of the Hungarian Defense Forces, being able to perform different types of military and civilian missions including:
  • Humanitarian Support
  • Search and Rescue
  • Cargo and Troop Transport
  • Precision Cargo Drop
  • Paratroopers Operations
  • AAR

These KC-390s will be fully NATO compatible, not only in terms of hardware but also in its avionics and communications configuration. Furthermore, the KC-390 probe and drogue AAR system means the aircraft can refuel the Hungarian JAS 39 GRIPEN as well as other aircraft that use the same technology.


The C-390 MILLENNIUM is fully operational and, since receiving its first aircraft in 2019, the Brazilian Air Force has deployed the airlifter on several critical missions in Brazil and abroad. The Portuguese Government also signed a contract for the acquisition of five C-390 MILLENNIUMs in 2019, which are currently on the production line and will enter service in 2023.
The C-390 is a tactical transport aircraft designed to set new standards in its category. Some of the strong aspects of the aircraft are:
  • increased mobility
  • rugged design
  • higher flexibility
  • state-of-the-art proven technology
  • easier maintenance.

Flying faster and delivering more cargo, both the C-390 MILLENNIUM and the KC-390 variant are the right sized platform for major deployment scenarios. Minimised interventions and on condition maintenance combined with highly reliable systems and components support the reduced downtime and costs, contributing to outstanding availability levels and low life cycle costs.

Jack Richardson