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Yesterday’s terror attack in Vienna was performed by what is called a connected local network of terrorists inspired by ISIS, according to Prof. Boaz Ganor, Executive Director of the International Institute for Counter-Terrorism (ICT) in Israel. Austrian officials said that the attack was Islamist terrorism with two men and two women being killed and a further 14 wounded by a single attacker who was later shot dead by police.

Ganor added that the fact that the Terrorist was on the Austrian “watch List” for prior involvement in terror should turn on a big Red Light, “This should not happen”. He said that there are a “great number” of such “Connected Local networks ” in Europe and they may perform similar attacks. Austrian police were searching for additional perpetrators after shooting dead the suspected attacker, asking local citizens to remain indoors and encouraged parents to keep their children home from school on Tuesday.

Last week the terror hit Nice in France where an Islamic terrorist killed three people. Israeli sources who talked to ESD on condition of anonymity said that Europe must expect more terror attacks as it is known that when such attacks occur, other potential terror cells are stimulated to act.

Arie Egozi