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Device-ALab, a Europe-based specialist in high-quality infrared cores, are pleased to introduce IrlugX1M3TM, a SXGA uncooled LWIR camera core. This camera is part of the 12μm IrLugXTM family, which uses shutterless technology. Device-ALab is one of the first companies in the world to embed the new Lynred SXGA 12μm sensor ATTO1280 in one of its camera cores. The outstanding resolution enables detection systems to be more efficient, benefitting from an improved Detection Recognition and Identification (DRI) system. This feature makes the camera extremely useful for several applications, such as long-range observation and surveillance. Considering its discretion, it could also be embedded in a UAV, or even handheld devices.

Innovation and low-noise products

We use the latest core technology, which allows us to offer a high-performance camera with exceptional accuracy, based on the latest LYNRED sensor. The key to our success lies in our knowledge of designing low-noise electronics, preserving an excellent Noise Equivalent Temperature Difference (NETD) rating. The lower this is, the more accurate the camera.

Jack Richardson